Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Home made therapy aka هاتمسك السلك عريان.

علينا أن نعتذر لمن نخذلهم.. أن نأسف على ما نكونه.. أن نغسل المسافة بالكثير من المبيضات، إزالة بقع قلة الحيلة وإصفرار الإرهاق أو نصنع لهم طوفا متين من أخشاب التململ وأحبال الفرص ثم نراقف من مكاننا على شاطئ التضاؤل كيف يبتعدون ببطء وملل.. ببطء وملل حتى نختفي 

Sunday, January 20, 2019


Try to remember this night. Try to remember what you said. There's nothing more important!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Home made therapy 10 aka محاولات لتخطي الألعاب المفقودة

لقد كان عاما مليئا ب: هانغير الدوا تاني؟!
- آه
- عميتين أهلك.

For seconds she thaught all these bad memories and pain are over. She was wrong. They weren't. They kept growing till there was no place for anything else. This kid who didn't have the time to grow bit by bit, fears litterly everything. with time She trained herself to sound cool, confident and happy while she was shaking inside like a lonely tree in a very windy day. She believes she did succeed, but she can't control the wind blowing inside. Her body is a dry leaf and her mind is a broken mirror that displays so many reflections of torn scary faces than her mind can deal with. And she only wants her harmonica back.